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Premium Real Estate Photography and Virtual Tours

1-3 Hours before the Appointment

Prepare Your Home

The buying, selling, or renting process can be quite stressful. We must work within our own parameters - location, budget, style, size, and layout. Plus, we're competing against others going through the same process. Putting our best foot forward becomes a crucial factor between a happy sale at the right price and being at the mercy of the ever-changing real estate market. 

As an industry expert, we know what works - and what doesn't - in capturing the beauty of your home or commercial property. Follow our tips to prepare your space days and weeks before your scheduled photo shoot. This preparation - tips and explanations of how best to clean and stage your space - will make a difference in the final product on your listing.

Selling Homes with a Snap

1-3 Days before the Appointment


  • Declutter each room

  • Thoroughly clean whole house (vacuum carpet, mop hard floors, clean countertops and windows) 

  • Replace all burned out light bulbs 

  • If possible, use bulbs of the same temperature (all incandescent or all fluorescent)


Clean up:

  • Landscaping (mow lawn, trim shrubs, clear leaves)

  • Porch

  • Outdoor tables, chairs and cushions


  • Empty planters 

  • Cobwebs from eaves and door frames 

  • Visible water hoses 

  • Toys and sport equipment

If applicable:  

  • Clean pool 

  • Remove pool vacuum cleaner hose 

  • Hide pool cleaning supplies 

  • Turn on pool fountains/water features 


Turn OFF all:

  • Ceiling fans (for videos, they will be turned ON)

  • Τelevisions 

  • Computer screens

Turn ON all:​

  • Interior lights (including lights in furniture cabinets)


  • Family and personal photographs (or replace with general landscape/object photographs)

  • Phone/tablet charging cables 

  • Small floor rugs (to reveal flooring)

  • Shoes and jackets from sight

And also:​

  • Close closet doors 

  • Open blinds/window treatments to let in outside light


  • Make all beds, press bed linens, and bed skirts 

  • Clear nightstands of all personal items 

  • Remove all clutter from top of dressers 

  • Clean under beds, removing items that may show in the photos


  • Clear bathroom countertops completely (including soap, toothbrushes, medications, deodorant, toiletries) 

  • Put toilet seats down

  • Display clean, unused towels


  • Shampoo, soap, loofahs from showers and tubs 

  • Dirty towels

  • Bathroom floor mats 


  • Clear kitchen countertops completely (including knife blocks, baking supplies, mail) 

  • Display one small appliance (coffee maker, toaster, SodaStream) 

  • Clear refrigerator surface (including magnets, papers, photos) 

  • Hide garbage and recycling cans 

  • Remove dishes from the sink and drying rack  

Dining Room

  • Clear and clear tabletop 

  • If possible, use decorative placemats setting 

  • Feature one centerpiece 

  • Straighten chairs and space them evenly

  • Remove child seats and booster chairs


While we love our furry friends, this is one photoshoot that they should not attend. Section them off from the rooms where the photographer is working, or take the on an adventure.


  • Food and water bowls 

  • Beds and toys (including backyard) 

  • Pet waste

  • Pet hair from furniture

  • Nose and mouth prints from glass surfaces  



  • Trash and recycling cans 

  • Vehicles from driveways or in front of the home 

  • Close garage doors  

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